The “Safe Driving School” project aims to transfer to the novice driver all the know-how on active safety developed at the Centre, adding a specification to those currently in the ministerial programme for obtaining a driving licence.

The objective of the fast, safe and sports driving school initiative is certainly not that of producing drivers ready for racing, but of giving young people about to drive a car the awareness of their own limits and of those of the vehicle they are driving.

To achieve this aim we offer new-concept educational programmes with the support of exclusive software and practical exercises with instructors who, in their turn, regularly follow training and qualification courses at the Centro Internazionale Guida Sicura. In the fast, safe and sports driving schools bearing the A.G.S. mark (Autoscuola Guida Sicura – Safe Driving School), pupils are instructed about the basic principles of safe driving, which they later put into practice driving in specifically equipped areas where, as at the Varano Centre, the emergency situations most likely to occur on the road are artificially reproduced, in total safety.

The A.G.S. project is reserved to 3 affiliated driving schools which operate successfully by integrating the ministerial programmes with the instruction of the correct techniques for safe driving, for quality driving and for facing any emergency situation: the correct driving position, use of the steering wheel, ideal trajectories, and emergency braking to avoid a sudden obstacle.

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Autoscuola Pedala’

Autoscuole Cortesi Prato

Autoscuole Upas S.Fiorentino

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