Each Driving Course, whether it is Safe Driving, Advanced Driving, Sports Driving, and whether it’s dedicated to private individuals or it’s a corporate event, represents our "product": to organize and implement it we put in all of our experience and passion, in order to offer an unforgettable experience to the participants.

In all cases it is a course that achieves its objective, by improving the vehicle’s control capabilities when simulating the extreme situations of “negative driving”, which means controlling the car in an emergency, and practicing “Positive Driving”, learning to prevent critical situations by driving on the track.

Safe Driving Courses
are an engaging experience: a formative and dynamic path, that is complete and rewarding.

Sports Driving Courses
are a unique experience, which leaves its mark, where the car’s behavior is brought to the limit, but without ever forgetting the driving quality and safety.

Since 1991 the Centro has developed its program of Safe Driving Courses and Sports Driving Courses, with always more evolved exercises, advanced in technology and customized in requests.

Not only didactic know-how, but also a real racetrack available for safe driving courses, with the most modern stationary and mobile technologies dedicated to teaching.

The quality of the processes that lead to the provision of Safe Driving Courses is ISO 9001: 2015 certified.

A Safe Driving Course is nothing less than this. In our opinion.

Centro Internazionale Guida Sicura provides different types of driving courses, offering the best drivers for every need. In addition to Safe Driving Courses, it is also possible to enroll in Evolved Driving, Sports Driving and Advanced Driving Courses.

Private Individuals

Duration:1-2 days
he most important safety device in a car is still …the person at the wheel!Investing in a Course of Safe Driving means having fun
Duration:1/2 days
Excellence at its best Master Maserati is dedicated to those who like to experience the finer things in life