The Centro offers different course formulas to companies and institutions, ranging from well-organized multi-day courses, to one-day courses, to track experiences to combine with events and conventions.

Courses aimed at incentives and team building, in an exclusive and iconic environment such as a racetrack.

Courses and training proposals tailored for companies that dedicate resources to improve the driving quality of their customers, suppliers, employees, collaborators.

Experiences carefully built around the client’s goals and desires:


Duration:1, 1.5 or 2 days
100% engagement. The emotion in pole position. Taking part in a well-made driving course is a rewarding and memorable experience. A proposal of sure appeal to enhance customers, collaborators and sales force.

Team Building

Duration:1, 1.5 or 2 days
Team play, team success. When the goal is to create a close-knit and coordinated team of collaborators, there is nothing better than an engaging experience, in a motivating and exclusive environment like the one of a racetrack, with the best automotive production available, participating to the Centro’s special Team Building program.

Safe Driving

Duration:1, 1.5 or 2 days

Safety behind the wheel.

Often the “workplace” is the driving seat of a vehicle. An employee who drives 50,000 km / year with the company car at 60 km/h on average, actually spends 104 8-hour days / year behind the wheel.

Drive Experience

Duration:Is an entire day of course too much for your company?
Is an entire day of course too much for your company? Are there many participants (over 50)? No problem: the Centro has all the professionalism, experience and facilities to create tailor-made personalized programs!

Contact us and we will be able to propose a course in line with your expectations, and to exceed them in its realization.