Anyone can participate in our Sports Driving Courses, even without previous experience. However, for their characteristics, based almost exclusively on driving on the track, Sports Driving Courses are recommended to people who have already participated in other Driving Courses in the past, of which they represent the ideal completion.

The standard agenda of the course includes the arrival at the racetrack at 8:45 and the end of the activities by 17:30.

The exercises provided in the Sports Driving Courses are:

First driving session on the track
First session of track laps, with in-depth analysis and “review” of the concepts presented during the theory session and possibly already verified in the 1st Level Course.

Driving on the track with Driver-Instructor on board
Session of track laps to increase the in-depth analysis of individual driving techniques aimed at sports driving: setting the curve trajectories, braking modulation, use of the accelerator, correct exploitation of the torque-power of the engine.

GT Track
Track set up on an artificially wet surface and with low grip areas, to experiment and enhance the active safety systems that are on the cars. The exercise also consists of a contest among all the participants, in which the chrono time of the lap of each guest is detected.

Driving on the track with Driver-Instructor on board and telemetry
Telemetric control cars: measure the performance. Collect data during testing to constantly improve the driving quality: accelerator, steering, brakes, speed.

The cars and the boxes communicate through a sophisticated telemetric system, in which all the indicators are monitored for a precise analysis of the driving quality of each “Student”.

Driving sessions behind the wheel of Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio.
Simply “the best”.

Driving sessions behind the wheel of Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio.
0-100 time of 3.8”!

Driving sessions behind the wheel of Alfa Romeo 4C.
A sports car without compromises, weighing less than 900kg!

Next available dates:

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Info and costs:
€ 1,000,00+TAX
(excluding hotel accommodation)

+39 0525 5510

N.B. agenda and programs may vary according to the number of participants and the period of development.