The most important part of a car is always the man sitting behind the wheel!

Investing in a Safe Driving Course or in a Sports Driving Course means having fun, living an electrifying experience on the track, in the nice and friendly environment that is established between Participants and Instructors, but above all it means acquiring a driving behavior capable of:

  • control the car, anticipating its problems and behaviors;
  • prevent your own mistakes;
  • prevent the risks of traffic and the errors of other drivers;
  • create wider safety margins.

Knowing “how” can simplify life. Behind the wheel, even save it.

The Centro offers different programs: find out the available dates and prices of the Driving Course that interests you most, we will provide you with a 360 ° service.

Evolved Driving

Duration:1 day
Our reference standard: the Evolved Driving Course. A course that is suitable and ideal for everyone, with the same exercises as the Safe Driving Course, but with an emotional component and involvement given both by the combination of some contests with ranking and final awards, carried out in total safety and combined with some dynamic exercises, and by driving super sports cars to very high performances!

Sports Driving

Duration:1 day
Anyone can participate in our Sports Driving Courses, even without previous experience. However, for their characteristics, based almost exclusively on driving on the track, Sports Driving Courses are recommended to people who have already participated in other Driving Courses in the past, of which they represent the ideal completion.

Advanced Driving

Duration:2 days
A super-complete 2-day course, which includes all the units of the Safe, Evolved and Sports Driving Courses in an exciting 2-day experience. Basically the best in the panorama of circuit driving courses!