Centro Internazionale Guida Sicura was founded in 1991 from an idea by Andrea de Adamich in collaboration with Alfa Romeo.

The constant qualitative and quantitative development of the activities has led the Centro to become one of the leading structures of the sector in Europe.

Over the years, the Centro has taken over corporate control of the Varano de’Melegari circuit, adapting and developing it according to the needs of the courses.

The Autodrome has thus grown in length, from 1,800 to 2,400 meters, and has gained 35,000 square meters of forecourts, all artificially irrigated, where the activities can be carried out, as well as the facilities necessary to maintain the level of the courses at the top.

However, it’s not only structures, but also cars: the Centro started its activities with 8 Alfa Romeos 164 and 8 Alfa Romeos 75.

Over the years, the technological evolution of Alfa Romeo has led the best cars to tread the asphalt of Varano: in fact, in addition to the aforementioned 164 and 75, the 33, the SZ, the 155, the 145, the 146, the 156, the GTV, the 147, the 159 and the Brera, the Giulietta, the MiTo and the 8C have also followed, to then get to today’s 4C, Giulia and Stelvio.