The Varano Racetrack, 25 km far from Parma, hosts the permanent headquarters of the Centro, where the driving courses are held on the track.

It’s the ideal track for learning and having fun: twisty, with challenging curves that cover all the types of possible road curves.

A circuit that offers the opportunity to try two different tracks, 1.8 and 2.4 km.

An exclusive elite circuit, equipped and integrated over the years with numerous training facilities, completely available for the participants during the driving courses on the track: the Centro in fact guarantees the exclusive availability of the Autodrome to its guests for the duration of the Driving courses on the track.

The Varano Racetrack is one of the ten racetracks approved by the Italian Federation for motor racing competitions, where driving courses on the track and practical exercises are held on the actual circuit and use dedicated spaces and infrastructures to guarantee exclusivity, maximum safety, in-depth teaching and adequate hospitality.