Excellence at its best

Master Maserati is dedicated to those who like to experience the finer things in life.
Experiences of the highest class, exquisitely exclusive, with all the genuine Italian style and elegance Maserati is famous for. Experiences that thrill body and soul, right and left hemispheres, circuit and road, and above all the heart.

More than just driving
Pursuers of the finer things in life know that ordinary experiences are not enough and perfection lies in the tiniest details.
The finer things in life are appreciated more when they are truly experienced.

When performance meets emotions

Master Maserati courses are based on a simple truth.
To truly enjoy every minute at the wheel, drivers must know their cars, learn to handle them in all situations, squeeze out every drop of adrenalin they can offer.

And equally important: to become one with them and the style essential to their character.


Driving exclusive, high-performance carsand have fun doing so, with the guidance and skill of a professional driver.


This is the aim behind Master Maserati: safe/sporty driving courses specifically tailored to give participants the opportunity to try out the performance of the marque’s various models in depth and in total safety.

The programme, structured for various levels of driving experience, under the supervision of expert Maserati instructors is the opportunity for participants to test their skills on the highly technical Varano de’ Melegari (Parma) circuit and learn to handle their cars to professional levels.

Advanced driving techniques, on track with telemetry analysis, dynamic handling on the circuit and exercises in low friction surfaces are just some of the aspects covered on the courses to achieve
an absolute fluid relationship between car and driver, leading to more enjoyment at the wheel.

Master Maserati courses are held at the Varano de’ Melegari (Parma) Autodrome, unrivalled for the excellence of its technical features, its high safety standards and its special facilities for teaching on the circuit.


Levante Trofeo, Quattroporte, Ghibli, GranTurismo e GranCabrio, both the MC and the Sport version, for a total of 16 cars, each of them equipped with on-board audio/video recording system and some with data acquisition system.


The ultimate driving experience
Ecco le tipologie di corso a disposizione dei nostri clienti:

• PRACTICE (level 1)

Spend half a day at the Varano circuit and you will discover a new set of driving skills in a series of theoretical and practical sessions, courtesy of our team of expert instructors. The journey will be a fascinating one, where you will be given a personal insight into the secrets of racetrack driving. Between sessions, you can take a well-earned break in our recently refurbished lounge area where you can relax and maybe boast a little about your achievements.
In a reassuringly safe environment, you will enjoy exploring the cutting-edge performance offered by the Maserati range.

 • PRACTICE BY NIGHT (level 1)

It may be night-time, but the sun never sets on the thrills and excitement of driving a Maserati on a motor racing circuit. Experiencing all the models of the current range and accompanied by professional racing drivers, you will learn how to master the car and enhance your driving skills in the dark. Under their expert tutelage, you will discover advanced performance driving and handling techniques, whilst at the same time improving your personal abilities in a safe and structured environment.

• QUALIFYING (level 2)

Now things get serious and the real fun begins.
Whatever your level of proficiency, after this full day course your technical skills will have improved so much that you will be amazed at how fast you can drive around the circuit.
The course includes driving sessions with the entire Maserati range, supported by video analysis and racing telemetry, allowing you to refine your style and fine-tune your driving talents.

• RACE (level 3)

Hold your breath. We are about to go racing.
Things kick off with a Maserati GranTurismo MC GT4 familiarisation session. This is the car you will soon be driving.
Your personal instructor will always be by your side, along with a team of mechanics and telemetry experts ready to provide whatever support is needed. Now you climb into the body-hugging racing seat, fasten the 6-point safety harness and get ready to experience the adrenaline rush of being a real Maserati driver in one of the world’s most exciting sports cars.

• MASTER (level 4)

Are you ready to enrol in the masterclass of Maserati motor sport? This exclusive two-day programme helps you perfect your style as you push the performance boundaries. You will drive the full range and the GT4 cars.
You’ll also experience hot laps in the GT4. Your driver will be none other than Andrea Bertolini – four-time world champion.

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