• 1. In a curve that requires a speed reduction and the climbing of a gear, when it is proper to perform the two maneuvers?

    brake and downshift at the same time
    to brake slowing the car, then downshift
    before climbing to decrease speed, then brake
  • 2. What problems may involve the use of dynamic road tires with worn tread?

    poor grip on both dry and wet roads
    excellent dry grip, but poor grip on wet surfaces
    no particular problem
  • 3. What is hydroplaning?

    the coolant in the radiator
    the possibility of finding puddles on the path
    the loss of adhesion of the tire, due to excessive amount of water on the road
  • 4. Imagining the steering wheel rim like clockwork access, what the correct position of the hands on the steering wheel?

    as to indicate the hours 12.15
    as to indicate the hours 10.10
    as to indicate the hours 9.15
  • 5. What is the correct position on the seat?

    with the sloping back and arms fully extended
    with the backrest almost vertically and the arms collected at about 90°
    with the backrest tilted and the right hand on the gear lever
  • 6. What is oversteer?

    an electronic system which makes it easier to guide, reducing the steering effort
    the cover of the steering wheel that allows a better grip
    the loss of adhesion of the rear of the car, which then tends to skid towards the outside of the curve
  • 7. During an emergency stop, what is the proper use of ABS?

    you have to brake modulating
    you have to brake with maximum force
    you have to brake in small strokes
  • 8. How should you keep your feet driving the car?

    the right on the accelerator (if I have to slow down the lift to move completely on the brake), and the left on the floor
    the right on the accelerator, the clutch on the left
    the right with the heel resting on the floor in the middle between the accelerator and brake, and the left wheel arch
  • 9. What is the opposite lock?

    the spontaneous tendency of the front wheels to realign the end of the curve
    steering on the opposite side of the curve to recover the crush of the rear of the car
    the parking of a vehicle with trailer
  • 10. When accelerating, a front wheel drive car with the front end tends to go out to the outside curve. What do you do?

    take your foot off the accelerator and decrease the steering
    steering accelerating more thoroughly
    brakes and steering more
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