• Safe Driving Courses

    Safe Driving Courses are dedicated to anyone who wishes to improve his/her driving safety.

    The cost of the Safe Driving Course is € 775.00+VAT22%, excluding hotel accommodation.

    Available dates:

    • Monday 22nd June;
    • Saturday 18th July;
    • Wednesday 22nd July;
    • Saturday 19th September;
    • Monday 21st September;
    • Wednesday 14th October;
    • Friday 6th November;
    • Sunday 29th November.


    The exercises carried out in the Safe Driving Courses are:

    Correct driving technique
    First session of race track laps, with practical application of the concepts previously presented in theory.

    Miniskid car
    Mechanical system for raising the rear axle of a front-wheel drive vehicle. The device causes over steering at slow speed to be controlled with the correct technique of handling steering wheel and accelerator.

    Emergency braking while avoiding a sudden obstacle
    Simulation of an emergency stop on an artificially wet surface. A luminous device determines the sudden and random need to avoid an obstacle and special photo cells detect the speed of passage in the proximity of the starting point of braking.

    Driving on track with Driver-Instructor on board
    Session of race track laps for a deeper understanding of the technique of individual driving: approach to curve trajectories, modulation of braking, use of the accelerator, correct exploitation of the torque power of the engine.

    Active Safety Track
    Track set up on artificially wet surface and with low-grip areas, to experiment and enhance active safety systems present in cars: ABS, ASR, VDC, EBD.

    Driving on track with Driver-Instructor on board and telemetry
    Cars with onboard telemetry: for measuring performance.
    The data acquisition system in the test phase makes it possible to constantly improve the quality of driving: use of accelerator, steering, brakes, speed. The cars and boxes communicate through a sophisticated telemetry system, in which all the indicators are monitored in a detailed analysis of the driving quality of each Participant.

    Programs and agenda could change depending on the number of participants and the period of the year.