Piero Liatti
    • Piero Liatti

      Born in Biella on May the 7th, 1962.
      At Centro since 2004.

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      Racing CV
      One of the strongest Italian rally drivers of all time! In the World Rally Championship, stable presence from 1996 to 2001, driving the works cars of Subaru, Ford, Seat and Hyundai. A win at Monte Carlo in 1997 and 9 podiums for a true “Rally Legend”!

      Which were your greatest satisfactions in motorsport?
      1985 debut in my home race and win Trofeo Fiat Uno.
      1986 overall champion in the Trofeo Fiat Uno.
      1987 vice-Italian champion.
      1988 European champion Gr.N.
      1991 European overall champion.
      1992 seconds place in New Zealand round of the World Rally Championship.
      1997 Monte Carlo Rally overall victory.

      In short, step by step, I reached the major goals I had set myself, and I managed to make my passion my work.

      What does it mean for you car racing?
      An ongoing challenge to bring the car to the limit and put my competitors behind.

      Describe yourself behind the wheel in races and on everyday roads.
      My constant is always the utmost respect of the car, together with the concentration, but while behind the wheel of a race car this concentration, and also the determination, are focused to achieve maximum performance, in the every day drive I am extremely respectful of the rules and careful, very careful indeed, to what other drivers around me are doing.

      Define the Safe Driving
      Safe Driving means that you always know what to do behind the wheel in any situation, to know and prevent reaction of your car.

      The Centro Internazionale Guida Sicura is the place where all these things are learned, with the support of professional and expert Driving-Instructors.

      Why do you cooperate with the Centro?
      I believe that the desire to convey to drivers less prepared all my experience is a natural consequence of all these years of racing.

      Why attending a Driving Course at the Centro?
      To learn how to drive a car and not be at its mercy. To always know, in all situations, what to do behind the wheel in order to preserve your own safety and that of others. And because of ….. it’s fun!

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