The most important safety device in a car is still …the person at the wheel!

Investing in a Course of Safe Driving means having fun, living an exhilarating experience on the race track, in the pleasant and friendly atmosphere that develops between pupils and instructors, but above all it means acquiring a driving behaviour capable of:

controlling the vehicle, anticipating any problem and behaviour;
preventing one’s own mistakes;
preventing traffic risks and the mistakes of others;
creating wider safety margins for oneself.

Know-how can simplify life. At the wheel, it can save it.
The Centre offers different programs, depending on the individual client’s experience:

1-day Safe Driving Course;
1-day Evolved Driving Course;
1-day Sports Driving Course;
2-day Advanced Driving Course.

Different dates are available through the year: please contact us and we will be at your disposal for any clarification