This is a Course that reaches its objective: the improvement of the ability to control the car in everyday driving, simulating all the extreme examples of “Negative Driving” (that is, control of the vehicles in emergency cases, with practice in specific areas equipped with low-grip surfaces and artificial rain system) and practising “Positive Driving” (learning on track to prevent critical situations, by adopting a fluid, correct and safe way of driving).

The Safe Driving Courses are an exciting experience: an educational and dynamic, complete and gratifying journey that leaves its mark.

It is a training offer that requires professionalism, expertise and adequate and dedicated facilities, with qualified programs and instructors.

Since 1991, the Centre has been developing its Safe Driving Courses program, with increasingly evolved practices that employ advanced technology and are personalised to suit different requirements.

In addition to educational expertise, a real race track is at the disposal of the Safe Driving Courses, equipped with the most modern fixed and mobile technologies dedicated to teaching.

The quality of the processes leading to the provision of Safe Driving Courses is certified ISO 9001:2008.

According to us, a Safe Driving Course is no less than all this.