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Convention Center

Events in motion
The ideal venue for hosting conventions and work meetings in a dynamic, engaging and original environment: the Convention Centre is a modern facility of 1,000 sqm, set in a green area overlooking the Racetrack, 150 meters away from the circuit, and internally connected with it.

Equipped and flexible in order to accommodate any kind of arrangement, it offers companies two communicating sections: a perfectly equipped conference area and an Open Space area.

Conference Area 500 sqm of conference hall with seating for 150, as well as:
– 2 rooms for small workshops (12-15 people);
– audio-visual systems;
– simultaneous translation (on request);
– reception and offices.

Open Space Area 500 sqm to set up as required for:
– catering hall;
– exhibition;
– coffee breaks.

28 Box

The Racetrack boxes, in addition to “holding” the vehicles used for the Courses, are used as Hospitality areas for the comfort of the course participants; also, the Passive Safety Area allows people to experiment, in safety and without consequences, the stress of a collision at
7 km/h and the explosion of a real airbag.

Office Building

Classroom sessions are dynamic!
Seeing, understanding, doing…
Before practical exercises, learning needs in-depth study and theory.

Located in the centre of the facility in order to make it possible to survey the whole Racetrack, the Services Building houses the business offices of the Centre and the Theory Hall with seating for 60 and video transmission system of computer images. It’s a training space for classroom sessions that are dynamic.


The Varano de’ Melegari Racetrack is undoubtedly a jewel, structured so as to host in the best possible way the participants in its Driving Courses:

– track 2,360 m (1,800 m + 560 m);
– paddock 1 10,000 sqm + slippery surfaces;
– paddock 2 7,000 sqm + slide machine + slippery surfaces;
– paddock 3 12,000 sqm + slippery surfaces;
– Closed circuit TV system and telemetry;
– Office Building;
– Service Centre
– Convention Centre;
– 28 boxes;
– Artificial rain system on the Racetrack and in the areas used for dynamic exercises;
– Workshop and parking.

In addition there are: a theory hall, a restaurant at the racetrack, hospitality box in each dynamic exercise area and “passive safety” box.